Santé Dental Laser Clinic

The Clinical Santé Dental Laser aims the prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity regarding our masticatory system (teeth, gums, jaw bone, jaw joints, lining of the mouth, tongue and lips).

In Studio Santé the patient can find answers to his various needs, from the implant-prosthetic rehabilitations, orthodontic treatment of musculoskeletal diseases to the most advanced aesthetic solutions with digital system and laser treatment.

The dental service is complemented by a service of Oral Pathology born from the long experience gained by Dr. med. dent. Rolando Giuseppe Crippa both nationally and internationally. The objective of Oral Pathology treatment is to prevent the formation of acute and chronic diseases (cancers of the oral cavity, bacterial, viral or fungal, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases such as aphthae and stomatitis, etc.)

Through specific diagnostic tests (like fine needle aspiration cytology, biopsy with histological examination, lingual and pharyngeal swabs by bacterial culture, salivary tests etc.) so as to guide the patient to the most appropriate therapies for the treatment of diseases.

The Clinical Santé Dental Laser also has advanced laser technology for the treatment of snoring and pathologies associated with sleep apnea. An excellence in Switzerland, in the heart of Lugano.

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