Ferrari Group

Delivering, solving, evolving

Ferrari Group is the one-stop service provider specialising in secure shipping, integrated logistics and high value-added services for jewellery and precious goods, worldwide.
Unrivalled global expertise, tailor-made solutions, successfully applied to Luxury.

Established in 1959 in Italy, Ferrari Group is today a truly global player: an extensive network of subsidiaries and strategic partners providing impeccable services worldwide, based on responsiveness, discretion and utmost security.

Ferrari Group fosters innovation and the use of advanced technologies to minimise its impact on the planet, while growing its business globally. The Group’s far-reaching perspective leads the evolution of innovative services worldwide, with sustainability as a driver for positive change.

With excellent service quality, timeliness, flexibility and responsiveness to individual customer needs, Ferrari Group transforms passion and dedication into innovative service offerings, each day, globally.

Worldwide services:

  • customs solutions
  • freight forwarding
  • ground transportation
  • security
  • ICT tools
  • fiscal solutions
  • global exhibitions support
  • private events support
  • logistics services
  • special services
  • hand-carry services
  • fine art
  • quality control
  • after-sales service
  • hallmarking support
  • insured services

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Member of Associazione Via Nassa