Boite d’Or

For over 50 years, jewelers by passion!

The Prandoni family is from Cuneo, in Piemonte. They founded the historic Boite d’Or jewelry store, a company born out of a passion for beauty, elegance and people.

The desire to stand out in the world of jewelry has led our family to design and make our own collections from the very beginning.
This allowed Boite d’Or to participate in international events such as Baselworld, Las Vegas JCK, Hong Kong Premiere and finally to open the first Boite d’Or international boutique in Lugano, Switzerland.

For years Boite d’Or has been a direct importer of major raw materials: from paraiba of Brazil to opals from Australia, from emeralds of Colombia to blue pearls from New Zealand, we select the best qualities from over 300 different types of gemstones.

Our mission is to return to art jewelry, interpreting what will reflect the soul and personality of the wearer. That is why we create one-of-a-kind pieces or limited series of eight pieces.

CEO and G.I.A. gemologist Alberto Prandoni coordinates both the general management and the young team of designers employing more than 50 master jewelers while Silvia Prandoni, a graduate in economics and marketing from Bocconi University, manages the marketing and sales department.

Boite d’Or’s motto is and will always remain “Un’emozione è per sempre!” (An emotion is forever!). Because beauty will save the world!

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